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Page 198

September 18th, 2013, 3:01 pm

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Author's Comments


September 18th, 2013, 4:08 pm


Oh look, a title page. Wait, what's going on here? =O

(Special thanks to Elinor and Rosacanina2, I really enjoy hearing readers speculate about the story or what a character's motivations are, etc. :,3 Hopefully your answers will be...err... answered as the story progresses.)


@three: They do look like twins. 8I Haha, or worse; I only noticed afterwards that Layla looked a lot like the design I had originally drawn of Feadorché's mother... Layla must've given birth to him when she was minus-something years old. xD

@Snowwater: Noses... noses everywhere. D8

@Neven: XDD Hahaha, I actually might upload it soon on the tumblr, keep an eye out for it.
xD lol "Look, his hair is like wool... I mean, sure, he killed a bunch of people, but HIS HAIR, MAN! HIS HAIR!"

@gentlechaos: Another drawn out fight-scene with daggers and stuff? Nuuuuu D;

@Narkota16: Great, now he's turned into Willow Smith. xDD

@BurstThrough: Oh, heck no, there's no way she'd be able to impact Feadorché's decisions, even if she were a man (her rank is much lower than his); her father tried and we saw how that went. x,D She might have some good contacts, though... *sneaky*
As we'll see more of Layla, she's protective to the point of not even taking a risk; she'd rather have the problem (Loke) removed before someone got hurt or killed.

@Elinor: They all have weird-shaped noses. 8( There's some serious Habsburg-inbreeding going on here.

@mrsklemzak: Damn pervy ducky! And yes, you'll get a cookie :3

@crazylupus: xD I probably would, too... but that's because I'm brittle as hell and I wouldn't be a very good maid. 8,I

@LadyArrowsmith: xDDD "Curly" must be his secret surname, since he actually doesn't have one in the comic...

User's Comments


September 19th, 2013, 12:37 pm


Who are these chaps!

AND yay! a new page has turned!!! (i am excited :D!)

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